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What Are The Functions of Emails?

When it comes to business communications or official uses, no other format serves the purpose as much as Emails. Emails have taken the shapes of modern letters. Therefore, a well-written email speaks out the sobriety of the sender. Emails have also become a part of our identity, as all the online sites, banking accounts, Passports, etc., require email IDs of every individual. Whatever application or online shopping site we try to access, they demand a valid email account of the user.

For personal use, Emails are handy to send a file to someone from anywhere, anytime without compromising the quality of the file. For example, Gmail, or the email service by Google, can transfer a file at lightning speed. Emails also maintain confidentiality between two account holders which gives another hike to its importance.

Necessary Steps to Safeguard Your Email:

With the increased use of email accounts in various important sectors like keeping business details, online transaction details or even private conversations, the threat of hacking of email accounts has also increased. Therefore, you must be aware of the safety of your email account. No matter which email domain you are using, none of the email service providers can assure you of 100% guarantee regarding your safety. So, if you have any confidential data in your mail account, be sure to follow healthy precautions to keep your account safe.

You should sign out of the device every time you use a 3rd party computer or mobile to access your email. Try to maintain two email IDs, one for your official and confidential use and another for social media and entertainment purposes to keep your main account safe from troublesome cyber activities. Never reveal your email account and password details to anybody else. If you tend to forget stuff you can keep records of your accounts in a diary which must not get exposed to anybody else. Try maintaining different password for your primary email id and subsidiary accounts so that there remains no chance of your password being hacked.

Easiest Way to Perform Email Log in:

For any Email service provider, like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Redditt, etc. the process of Email Sign in is basically the same. By following these easy steps, you will definitely be able to do it by yourself:

  1. Search “sign in” with the name of your email provider. [ exp. “Gmail sign in” for Gmail]
  2. Open the official sign in page
  3. Enter your Email id and Password
  4. Click “sign in” to log in to your account successfully

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